Recognized as one of the hottest up and coming new acts in the area, Barefoot Nurses showcases artistic works from classic and modern artists alike. You'll find works from acclaimed acts as well as original music created with the listener in mind. Our idea is to provide a mixed and eclectic forum as the world of music is too diverse to simply showcase one style. 

The ultimate vehicle for expression, music bridges the gaps between backgrounds, classes, beliefs, and time. It encourages thinking and dialogue. It also is a catalyst for change. is mankind's storyteller and storybook.

Diversity in Taste

While original material is the main goal of this project, the list of "copy" tunes ranges through several decades of popular rock music.  Some of the artists we pay hommage to include: Black Crows/Scorpions/Foo Fighters/Kiss/Billy Joel/Judas Priest/Aerosmith/Kenny Wayne Sheppard,Gin Blossoms,Billy Idol,John Mellancamp, and many others.